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Although I have been drinking coffee ever since I can remember, I  remember the day I fell in love with coffee. It was the day I experienced Artisan Coffee. The Sumatra I roasted had an odd but satisfying taste of wood and peanuts. Every since that day in 2014, I have been trying to get friends and family to nerd out on coffee with me.

After convincing several friends, I began roasting coffee to support my own addiction! However, I began to sell bags with blank labels. I needed a name.

All along the way, my wife and two boys would enjoy coffee with me. Every roast required my "taste testers" to try a few beans. After my third son was born (Hudson), my second son (Wesley) would call him a "little bean" or a "baby bean." After returning fire with "Wesley Bean," they began to call me "Daddy Bean." Since January 2019, we began to sell coffee as "Daddy Beans" and became an 

official LLC in October.

Our small scale roasting style grew and our roasting levels became precise. We hope you enjoy Daddy Beans coffee as much as we have over the years!

Our Source

After sampling several coffee sources, we've landed on Tom and Maria's business in Oakland, CA at Sweet Maria's Coffee ( Tom Owen personally inspects the green beans that are imported and personally travels to the farms throughout the world. I have found the beans are always top quality and his roast descriptions never disappoint. His articles and reviews are the perfect source to begin your own home roasting journey!

About Us

Meet the Wilders

We first met in college and have been friends ever since. After we started dating, the coffee shop was our favorite place to be. Little did we know how much our love for coffee (and each other) would grow!

We now have three little beans: Tytus, Wesley, and Hudson. These little guys were there when I first started roasting and they love helping out when they can. 

We moved to Virginia to begin seminary training, but we're convinced staying here for a little longer is what the Lord would have for us. We initially had a desire to go overseas, but who knows where coffee can take us! Our motto comes from Gen 12:1–3, that we may be a blessing to the world (through whom the world is blessed, Christ). We hope you love our coffee and support our mission to bless the Hampton Roads.

May every cup be a blessing!

Ryan & Jessica Wilder